While we generally have a large volume of pick-able avocados on our trees, due to nature, climate and season, please email with your order prior to making payment so we can confirm we have the required amount available. We'll receive your order and respond within 24 hours to confirm availability and delivery date. 

*Please note: our avocados are delivered in plastic fruit produce crates (like above). We re-use these crates to gather orders for other customers so please make sure you have your own box / storage container for us to transfer the avocados into upon arriving to your store. Thank you to our amazing clients for your continued support! New buyers always welcome as well as orchard tours to see where your fruit comes from! Warm regards, Tapatoru Orchard

(August 2021) - Current Avocado Pricing Per Crate (100 Avos) = $60.00

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